About the Author

Stephanie is a breastfeeding advocate, full time teacher of English as a foreign language, wife and mother to Violet. She currently blogs about her thoughts on breastfeeding and gentle parenting on her blog

Stephanie has been living with her family in Ofunato, Japan for 10 years.  She composed the poem for Milkies while lying in bed nursing 15 month old Violet and dreamed of one day turning it into a book. Stephanie and her husband currently co-sleep with 4 year old Violet, who also still nurses herself to sleep. She intends to allow Violet to self wean from breastfeeding. This is Stephanie’s first children’s book. She hopes to publish more in the near future.


About the Artist

Growing up as the youngest in a family of 4 children, Katie relished time and space to explore through writing, drawing and people-watching. Always interested in the dynamic relationships between those around her, she later narrowed that focus to study intimacies between mothers and children.


Cover design and interior layout by Gabriel Craft.

Thank you, Gabe, for lending your artistic eye to this endeavor. There is no one I trust more.


Special thanks to Alison Brown and Teresa Sasaki for providing me with editorial advice!

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