Holistic Parenting Magazine writes in their March/April edition:

“Mama’s Milkies is a charming book about a full term breastfeeding child. The lyrical text and Katie’s beautiful illustrations will bring a smile to your face and snuggles to your arms! Reading this book with our 3-year-old was as much a pleasure the first as the sixteenth time: an easy and gentle read for mom and a story our little one took delight in because it so accurately captures his world. “Mama gives me warm milkies as I slowly fall asleep. Her lullaby is soft and kind, my heart is filled with peace.” This is the perfect ending and unmissable cue to start reading the book over again. Warmheartedly recommended!”

Paala Secor of writes:

“My girls, who are still nursing at 2 and 4-years-old really appreciated following the little brown haired breastfeeding toddler through her day, waking to playing, reading to singing and finally drifting off to sleep with her mother there for her whenever she needed her. To them, breastfeeding until they are ready to wean is only natural. And this book certainly asserts the same message. It is also nice to see the family cosleeping, which is also normal in our family. The paintings are just beautiful and the flow of the book was easy for my daughters to follow.”

Read Paala’s full write up here.


Sonia Johnson Mansell writes:

This is a darling depiction of the beautiful relationship between a nursing toddler and his/her (I call the toddler a “he” so my 18-month old baby boy can identify with him) loving mama and papa as he goes about his day. My (still avidly) nursing little one and I love the story; the text conveys a lot of the warmth, sweetness, and love between the mama and toddler, and the illustrations are gorgeous. I love how the toddler is gender-neutral, and scenes with the papa are also very sweet and show a lot of familial tenderness. This book is a treasure! I can’t wait to share it with my local La Leche League group!

The Novel Girl writes:

“Written by Stephanie Craft, Mama’s Milkies is an adorable book in the daily life of a nursing toddler.  A asked me to read it three times to her this morning.  (Warning:  This book will likely convince your nursling it is the perfect time to crawl into your lap to nurse while you read.)”

Read her full post about it here.

Feel free to leave your own review here in the comment section below.  Thank you!

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